Monday, May 25, 2009

So Much To Do And So Little Time

 Time for me is moving so fast.  I think I'm in fast motion even though I live a very relaxed, non stressed life.  I enjoy my life and it is full of many things that I enjoy.  2009 arrived and I was ready to blog.  I set up my blog, shared a few thoughts, and before I knew it, Spring was here.  Time to get outside to plant flowers, roses, and work in my yard.  

 The bluebirds have captivated me and I can't miss one day of their lives.  They've built a nest.  Four eggs soon were in the nest and now there are two baby birds in there.  I sure hope the other two eggs hatch.

The male bluebird protects the nest and dives at any birds that get near it.  I think he is even helping to feed the new, tiny bluebirds.

I'll not give any more excuses for neglecting my blog.  I have a plan to share some of my genealogy research.  I've been reading blogs of my genealogy friends and learning ideals that have helped me with my research.  

I've found some new cousins that are working on the same Roland/Rowland Family Tree, so, I've decided it might help our discussions of our different lines to put my line up to give some perspective.

Yes, I do have Ancestry. com where I do research and where I have a Family Tree, but, I will be using my blog in a way that I can't on

  In the days to come I will be sharing documents that I have discovered that I am hoping will establish my branch on the Roland/Rowland Tree.

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