Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Best Is Yet To Be

"Come grow old with me the best is yet to (come) be"., by Robert Browning. I have always loved that saying. It came to my mind as I was thinking of about what I am wanting to share.

The best is yet to be, because I have learned how to make hyper-links in my blog that will take the reader to other places on the internet when they click on the links. Now, I can add other places of interest that will help me with my new blogging experiences.

As I organize my research here through my blogging efforts I will be creating and dedicating a special page to each family. The first family that I will start with is my mother's paternal Haas family.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Learning Curves and Goals

As I'm thinking about my blog today, I'm thinking this is the ninth day since starting my blog and I have so much to learn about creating a blog that will be interesting and one that will tie my genealogy research together into a readable form.

I'm thinking of learning curves that I'm still trying to master. Learning does create challenges to learn new ideas, information, knowledge and skills. When a new learning curve has been mastered, the rewards in life are rewarding and beneficial to growth and accomplishment.

From birth until the day we die we are on a journey of learning, growing and transformation.

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to pass on ideas, experiences, and accomplishment to others. I'm thinking now of the many Professional Genealogist that I have been meeting online through Facebook, their blogs and podcasts.

It's these positive accomplishments, through goals and challenges, that they started somewhere in their journey one day they took on and accomplished one learning curve after another. I'm sure their passing this on to others is very rewarding in many ways.

So, it is as we participate in the journey of life. These thoughts inspire me to be motivated to set goals and strive to accomplish them so that one day I might be able to pass on to others what I have learned and accomplished.

So, now, let's see if I can learn how to put links to other sites in my blog. So, far my blog is plain vanilla, but with time, I hope it will morph into an enjoyable, informative blog telling about my family history.