Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Daddy And Me

This is my first time to join the Genea-Bloggers, as a group, in blogging together about the same ideas and the same subject. I'm thankful for these ideas as I have been pondering and pondering what and how to begin this new year of 2009 on my blog.

So, I begin with one of my favorite pictures of "My Daddy and Me."  

My dad wanted to have our pictures taken together.  Mom says he told her to get me ready for him to take me to town to have our pictures made.  This has become a precious picture to me as I, remember him, and think of him.  He died in 1988 of pancreatic cancer.  I plan to see him someday in heaven.

The picture was taken in Cotton Plant, Arkansas when I was two years old.  Dad would have been about twenty five years old.

My dad was very handsome.  I was always so very proud the next day, after he had visited my teachers at the school's open house.  The teachers, in front of the whole class,  would always tell me how handsome they thought my father was. 

He was a very over-protective father, while I was growing up, with boundaries that he enforced.  I am thankful now as I see it was a father who loved his daughter and wanted the best he could give me with his protection and guidance.