Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Elusive Jeremiah and Emeline Cobb Rowland/Roland

I am beginning to wonder if there were two different Emeline Cobb Roland/Rowland/Rolins? And, two different Jeremiah Rowland/Rolands all married to the partner with the same name. In other words two different sets of Jeremiah and Emeline Cobb Rowland/Roland both living in the same areas and at about the same time? What are the odds of that happening?

Here are documents and sources of the Emeline Cobb Rowland/Roland/Rolen that I have;

The first document that I have of Emeline Cobb is on the 1850 Federal US Census for Mississippi, Pontotoc Co. She is listed as being 12 years old, her father is William Cobb and her mother is Prudence Cobb. It says her place of birth was S.C.

I have more documents citing evidence of Emeline Cobb Rowland/Roland/Rolin, but none with the name of Sarah Emeline Cobb Rowland/Roland/Rolen.

Do you have any documents with her name as Sarah Emeline Cobb/Rowland/Roland/Rolen on them?

I am trying to discover if there was more than one Emeline Roland living in Saline and Faulkner Counties between 1856 and 1880.

I don't have any documents that confirm or cite the death or where she is buried of my Emeline Cobb/Rowland/Roland/Rolen.

If anyone has such information would you share it with me?
I posted this on the bulletin board at in reply to a post talking about Sarah Emeline Cobb Rowland.  
I thought it would be good to put this on my blog as I work researching that branch of my Family Tree.

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