Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Black Ink

As far as I'm concerned I have listened to both candidates and I have tried to make myself as informed a voter as possible. I have listened to and debated at, I have read the news as reported and watched cable TV with it's reports and slants on both sides.

This morning my mind was made up and it was time for me to vote. I just returned from casting my ballot. As I approached the room at the court house where voting was taking place, my mind had thoughts and memories of pictures of Iraqi voters with black ink on their fingers indicating that they had voted.

I thank God that I live in a Country where I can "read and write", and "as a woman" I am given this awsome privilege to vote. What a blessing we, the people, are given to get to vote.

I have prayerfully participated in this freedom we have here in the USA!

As far as I am concerned the final arguments have been given and next week the verdict will be in.

God Bless America, Land that I love!


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