Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yes, I'm Still Here

How can I begin updating? My blog has been so neglected, not because I don't want to contribute to it, but because other activities keep getting my attention.

Today, January 14, 2010 is a new beginning for working on my blog.

On my mind today is the tragedy that is playing out in Haiti.

A tragic earthquake that happened three days ago, now has most everyone's attention. So, many lives have been lost and the attempts at rescuing and helping Haiti is so slow. Mainly because of logistics and not being able to get food, water, and medicine to the survivors. We are hearing on the news that people are still alive under the collapsed buildings, but there is no heavy equipment there to rescue them. Every effort is being made from the USA and Countries around the world to aid the poor people of Haiti.

This is a very sad event in our world to begin this New Year, 2010.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jeremiah Roland Probate

Here is the application of Joel Whitten to be the Administrator of Jeremiah Roland's Probate.

He started the probate proceedings on April 1863. He moved off to Texas before the probate was finished.

Emeline applies to be the Administrator of Jeremiah's Probate. The reason she states is that it needs to be finished and Joel Whitten has "up and gone to Texas". She was appointed the Administrator and the Probate was not finished until 1869.

Jeremiah Rowland's Civil War Record

Within three months time of joining the Confederate Army, Jeremiah Rowland was killed at Port Hudson, Louisiana. This is the only record that is available of his service.

Click on the picture to see an enlarged view.

Scenario of Emeline Cobb Rowland/Roland of Saline and Faulkner Co., Arkansas

Jefferson Davis Roland is listed on Jeremiah's probate as being born in 1862, along with other named children. I will list the siblings named on the probate record, and two other children of Emeline not mentioned on the probate, of her husband Jeremiah Roland, in the future.

Emeline is named as the widow of Jeremiah on that probate record.

On the 1850 Mississippi, Pontotoc Co., US Census she is listed as the daughter of William and Prudence Cobb.

And, she is the daughter of William and Prudence Cobb on her marriage license in Saline County, Arkansas.

In 1856 she was 17 years old when she married Jeremiah Rowland, as attested by her father since she was a minor.

Emeline's father, William Cobb died in Saline Co., Ark., on May 23, 1859, as stated in his probate records. His widow, Prudence, and children are listed, and it includes his daughter Emeline and her husband Jeremiah Roland.

Prudence Cobb married J.J. Langley after she became William Cobb's widow. .

Prudence Langley and J.J. Langley moved to Faulkner Co., and are members in "The History and Records of Oakland United Methodist Church Holland, Faulkner County, Arkansas" by Charles David Parsons 1993, in 1862-1863.

In 1863 J.J. Langley is listed as dead and Prudence Langly is a widow.

In 1870, back in Saline Co., Emeline Roland has become the executor of the probate for Jeremiah Roland because Joel Whitten, "has up and gone to Texas".

That is why she has not moved to Faulkner Co., to be near her mother. But, she has moved there by 1875, according to church membership records in the Oakland Methodist Episcopal Church at Holland.

Anyway, I have copies of all the papers that are in that brown manila folder of what she went through to settle Jeremiah's estate. She had to sell their farm because she was unable to pay the taxes. It was sold on the Courthouse steps to settle and pay her creditors.

She was appointed the executor of that probate even though she can not read or write and signs her documents with an X as her mark.

In the 1880 Census for Ark., Faulkner Co., Matthews Twp, it says that she cannot read or write. If this is the same Emeline she would have had a difficult time being an executor of Jeremiah's probate since the 1880 Census says she can not read or write.

In 1875, "Widow Emeline Rolen" (name spelling has changed, could be because she can't read or write) is attending church with her Mother and daughter at the Oakland Methodist Church at Holland.

I am going back to check the census and records to see if there could have been more than one Emeline Roland. It is very unlikely as the Emeline Roland that I am speaking of is surrounded with the same people down through the years.

The census records give different ages for my GGrandfather John Henry Roland. However, going by his marriage record and license in 1884, he was born in 1863. The month of his birth is listed as July on the 1900 Ark., Census, Saline Co., Matthews Twps.

If he was born in July 1863, it was possible for Emeline to conceive John H. during the time that Jeremiah was at home according to his military records stating his service began in Jan. 1, 1863. His Company Muster Roll states "appears on Company Muster Roll of the organization named above for Dec. 31, 1862 to April 30, 1863, dated Aug. 17, 1863 When Jan 1, 1863, Where, Benton, Ark., By Whom Col Vance, Period, War. Remarks: Died at Port Hudson March 8, 1863.

Therefore, Emeline could have been 3 or more months pregnant when the probate listed Jeremiah's children and heirs. Was it common to list children that were not yet born?

It is strange, but, not inconsistent that on the military records Jeremiah is listed as Jeremiah Roland. And, on the probate record stating his place of death and date it is the same as his military record, but his Probate names him as Jeremiah Roland. And, the land records in this Probate name the Jeremiah M. Roland that I found paid taxes and bought land in Saline Co., later changed to Grant Co.

On the 1860 Census, Jeremiah Rowland/Roland of Saline Co., Ark. is named Jeremiah E. Rowland with Emeline and their first two children.

It seems to me that the same person is named in these different documents as Jeremiah E. Rowland, Jeremiah M. Roland, and Jeremiah Roland. How could such errors be made on official documents? These names and documents are all named or listed in his Probate records as being the same person as Jeremiah Roland that was killed on March 8, 1863 at Port Hudson, La., in the Civil War.

This is still a work in progress and nothing is set in stone for me until I am satisfied that all facts and records of proof are in. I will be asking Professional Genealogist to check my work and facts to help me consider all possibilities that my records and research is accurate.

Thanks for taking time to ask me questions and to help me to "think" about how, where, when etc, in the lives of the people whom I am researching.

I wish I could find the church records for the Methodist Episcopal Church South in Saline Co., as Prudence Cobb Langley was possibly a member there before moving to Faulkner Co.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Elusive Jeremiah and Emeline Cobb Rowland/Roland

I am beginning to wonder if there were two different Emeline Cobb Roland/Rowland/Rolins? And, two different Jeremiah Rowland/Rolands all married to the partner with the same name. In other words two different sets of Jeremiah and Emeline Cobb Rowland/Roland both living in the same areas and at about the same time? What are the odds of that happening?

Here are documents and sources of the Emeline Cobb Rowland/Roland/Rolen that I have;

The first document that I have of Emeline Cobb is on the 1850 Federal US Census for Mississippi, Pontotoc Co. She is listed as being 12 years old, her father is William Cobb and her mother is Prudence Cobb. It says her place of birth was S.C.

I have more documents citing evidence of Emeline Cobb Rowland/Roland/Rolin, but none with the name of Sarah Emeline Cobb Rowland/Roland/Rolen.

Do you have any documents with her name as Sarah Emeline Cobb/Rowland/Roland/Rolen on them?

I am trying to discover if there was more than one Emeline Roland living in Saline and Faulkner Counties between 1856 and 1880.

I don't have any documents that confirm or cite the death or where she is buried of my Emeline Cobb/Rowland/Roland/Rolen.

If anyone has such information would you share it with me?
I posted this on the bulletin board at in reply to a post talking about Sarah Emeline Cobb Rowland.  
I thought it would be good to put this on my blog as I work researching that branch of my Family Tree.

Monday, May 25, 2009

So Much To Do And So Little Time

 Time for me is moving so fast.  I think I'm in fast motion even though I live a very relaxed, non stressed life.  I enjoy my life and it is full of many things that I enjoy.  2009 arrived and I was ready to blog.  I set up my blog, shared a few thoughts, and before I knew it, Spring was here.  Time to get outside to plant flowers, roses, and work in my yard.  

 The bluebirds have captivated me and I can't miss one day of their lives.  They've built a nest.  Four eggs soon were in the nest and now there are two baby birds in there.  I sure hope the other two eggs hatch.

The male bluebird protects the nest and dives at any birds that get near it.  I think he is even helping to feed the new, tiny bluebirds.

I'll not give any more excuses for neglecting my blog.  I have a plan to share some of my genealogy research.  I've been reading blogs of my genealogy friends and learning ideals that have helped me with my research.  

I've found some new cousins that are working on the same Roland/Rowland Family Tree, so, I've decided it might help our discussions of our different lines to put my line up to give some perspective.

Yes, I do have Ancestry. com where I do research and where I have a Family Tree, but, I will be using my blog in a way that I can't on

  In the days to come I will be sharing documents that I have discovered that I am hoping will establish my branch on the Roland/Rowland Tree.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Daddy And Me

This is my first time to join the Genea-Bloggers, as a group, in blogging together about the same ideas and the same subject. I'm thankful for these ideas as I have been pondering and pondering what and how to begin this new year of 2009 on my blog.

So, I begin with one of my favorite pictures of "My Daddy and Me."  

My dad wanted to have our pictures taken together.  Mom says he told her to get me ready for him to take me to town to have our pictures made.  This has become a precious picture to me as I, remember him, and think of him.  He died in 1988 of pancreatic cancer.  I plan to see him someday in heaven.

The picture was taken in Cotton Plant, Arkansas when I was two years old.  Dad would have been about twenty five years old.

My dad was very handsome.  I was always so very proud the next day, after he had visited my teachers at the school's open house.  The teachers, in front of the whole class,  would always tell me how handsome they thought my father was. 

He was a very over-protective father, while I was growing up, with boundaries that he enforced.  I am thankful now as I see it was a father who loved his daughter and wanted the best he could give me with his protection and guidance.